About Meryl Leppard

Meryl Leppard is a weaver of stories. She performs this magic at the piano, drawing us into her world with a voice that is arresting, haunting and utterly authentic. Meryl's solo shows cross genres. They are a sophisticated hybrid-cabaret of music, humour and performance poetry. Stylistically, her music ranges from jazz-like idiom, through blues and adult pop, to the sweet sounds of country cross-over.

Apart from her own recordings, Meryl Leppard's songs are in film, theatre, cabaret and off-Broadway shows. Her work includes musicals, poetry, comedy skits, short stories, a dance piece and a novella.




“Leppard is the genuine article. A singer songwriter, pianist and actor.” The A List, Sun Herald Time Out

“Stunning and unique talent, Meryl Leppard.” Griffin Theatre

“Meryl Leppard is all style – not just glamour, not just presence, not just hints of vaudeville, but the real McCoy. A hugely talented Queen of Performance.” Revolver Music Magazine


Reviews (continued)

Meryl Leppard is a singer, songwriter and pianist. A master of the soft tone. A singer who tells a story as she sings. In an elegant and mysterious way the adopted New Yorker presents a theatre-like performance to her public.

Together with Gawain Mathews (guitar) Bob Spencer (guitar) Dan Feiszli (double bass) Anna McDonald (violin) Ginetta Minichiello (trumpet) and Micha Patri (drums) the Australian born Meryl Leppard kidnaps us and takes us to her own world of music which is full of images and rich in pictures.

Origami is well known as a Japanese Art, objects are molded from paper to make for example, flowers or animals. They are then used to create complete stories.
Meryl is also telling a story but she does that with her wonderful piano playing and her warm and tender voice, which is not folded up like Origami but is spread out like a big silk umbrella over the audience as she draws the listener slowly into her poetic world. Jazz Dimensions Magazine, Germany