The Visitors








A conspiracy theorist’s musical dream, The Visitors is a sophisticated, theatrical, jazz-flavoured collection of storyteller songs weaving us through the world of Secret Space. Extraterrestrials, inter-dimensionals, political and historical scenarios, as well as real people feature on this provocative and sophisticated recording. This collection of songs is the result of the last ten years of in-depth research deep down the rabbit hole of high strangeness. A further thirty plus years before that were spent investigating every metaphysical experience this little Space Head had thrust upon her since early childhood. For those disinterested in stretching beyond the immediate physical universe, the music vigorously stands alone. For those who’s lives are already outside the Matrix, The Visitors will increase your sense of being part of the ground crew. Enjoy!

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New York Suite








New York Suite is a love letter to Manhattan. Arriving in 2003, I fell madly, irretrievably in love with New York and all its people. In my first year there, I lived on the Lower East Side, which was still grungy and had not yet been hijacked by developers. Orchard Street still belonged to the leather and fur traders and artists trying to scratch a living. On returning to Australia I wrote with frenzied abandon, foolishly thinking that I could write New York out of my system. The ghosts of Manhattan laughed and I returned to hunker down in Harlem. Produced by Bob Spencer, NYS features lush arrangements by the splendidly creative Guy McEwan.

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The Little Church That Stood








The Little Church That Stood is a tribute to St Paul’s Chapel, the tiny church that survived the 9/11 disaster. It features a recording of Amazing Grace/The Star Spangled Banner. This is an absolutely unique version of the classic hymn, orchestrated by Guy McEwan.

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Origami Man








Origami Man was recorded in America, early 2004, with celebrated producer Ben Yonas at the helm. This collection of very personal stories is basically a piano album, with some added instrumentation. Origami Man, remembers a homeless person in London who made origami for me. I carried these elegant gold sculptures around for years until they disintegrated.

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Harry is a souvenir of the few years I spent performing with Sydney guitarist, Bob Spencer, now of Sun Pilots fame. Bob and I performed around the traps, doing everything from cabaret to poetry festivals. Harry is a one-take, live recording which was voted one of the top ten independent releases for 1999. Of course everyone wanted to know who Harry was. And I never tell.

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Meryl Leppard








Produced by the enigmatic Mr Leon Berger, the Meryl Leppard CD was recorded in 1994 and features the talents of many of Sydney’s best session musicians. People like Kirk Lorange, Andrew Oh and Paul Panichi, whose trumpet solo on Birthday Blues is absolutely superb. Birthday Blues was voted one of the top five jazz songs one year by Music Oz. Celebrated music producer, River Petein, plays saxophone and sings backing vocals on a couple of tracks. It is a joyous collection of songs with classy arrangements.

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