Space! Popera!

Space! Popera! is a re-imagining of Meryl’s album ‘The Visitors‘. New York City performer/writer David Vernon has created the character Dd26 who will take us through the journey of Space! Popera! Vernon is currently working with Meryl to turn this piece into a one-man Broadway show.

Dd26 in full flight!

Cougar The Musical

Cougar The Musical had a joyous run, beginning Off-Broadway in New York City, dazzling audiences home and abroad. It played at the famous Belgrade Theatre, London and ended up in Korea. Twice. Meryl worked as composer/lyricist/song-doctor for this musical.

The Veil

“The Veil” is a cross-generational dance piece which explores women’s desire to marry and their subsequent experience of marriage. “The Veil” was part of the “Bodies” Dance Festival at Newtown Theatre, Sydney, May-June 2002 with Artistic Director Bill Pengelly. Original concept, music, lyrics, vocals and costumes by Meryl Leppard. Song orchestrated by Guy McEwan. Choreography facilitated by Anca Frankenhaeuser and realized by dancers: Susan Barling, Robina Beard, Anca Frankenhaeuser, Tiffany Muirhead, Jan Pinkerton and Peggy Watson. The piece, as recorded, was performed without any vocal amplification. Review in The Sydney Morning Herald by Jill Sykes: “The Veil” brings together a remarkable group of dancers whose ages range over at least five decades. In contrasting styles they swirl around singer Meryl Leppard, who has the pivotal creative and performing role in exploring the question of marriage: do you really love me or would you trade me in? It’s a memorable sequence for its content, varying treatment of the theme and its inbuilt salute to dance history.”


Reginald Leonski is a minor character in Meryl’s novella, The True Life Adventures of a Marvelous Midget Called Marjorie. Marjorie is planned as an animated film with songs. Reginald could not wait for his cameo appearance so we have let him out of the box. Written by Meryl Leppard, orchestrated/animated and performed by Guy McEwan. Enjoy!

9/11 Tribute

This tribute features a unique orchestration by long-time collaborator Guy McEwan. Guy also sings all the choir parts.